engagement selfies - the official blog is finally off!

Could there be a better time to officially start the SMP blog than to announce your own engagement? I think not! I'm so glad you agree :) I love sharing the news with past brides and new ones alike - we have so much to commiserate about!  Since we made it official, the first question I get asked by everyone and their mother is 'Who's going to photograph your wedding??" (Um, someone awesome!)

Well, while I may not be able to photograph the wedding, I definitely wanted to have a go at some engagement selfies! As a photographer, you rarely get your own picture taken and this time I was going out of my way to make sure to capture a few. It was such an experience in modeling and I am so glad we did it, but don't try this at home kids. I think next week's post is going to be all the awkward ones, but for now I think my favorites will do. 

If you're having second thoughts about the Engagement Session, stop right now and just do it. It's so worth it! I feel so much better prepared for the actual wedding photos and I am behind the camera on a regular basis. Modeling is no cake walk!

A BIG shout out to the hubby-to-be for putting up with me and the ever annoying 'can we try it just one more time?!' He was such a great sport and I totally ♥ him. What a stud muffin.  


Wonderful! Gorgeous photos , these will make terrific memories. Only thing missing was your Maggie Moo:)
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Thank you ladies!
Jamie Lawler(non-registered)
You look beautiful! Nice work on the photos and the new digs with the blog. Good stuff!
Such a beautiful engagement shoot! I love the look and feel of each photo.
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