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My favorite couple got married! They celebrated with their closest family and friends, some even making it an international journey to Santa Barbara. I had such a wonderful time celebrating and photographing such a happy gathering of terrific people! Thank you thank you!
Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-16-1Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-18-2Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-21-3Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-28-4Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-34-5Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-39-6Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-46-7Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-51-8Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-52-9Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-64-10Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-68-11Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-76-12Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-84-13Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-102-14Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-108-15Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-143-16Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-152-17Celia & Duncan {bridal suite}-162-18Celia & Duncan {ceremony}-19-19Celia & Duncan {ceremony}-26-20